TMNT: Out of
the Shadows
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Paramount Pictures
ICHI Worldwide
Art Direction
Website Design
For the latest installment of the legendary franchise Paramount Pictures approached ICHI Worldwide to re-activate the TMNT fanbase, spreading awareness and driving online buzz in the run-up to movie release. We created ‘Snackable’ digital experiences that captured some of my all time favorite heroes irreverent, playful and most of all, fun attitude. Wether it's making your own Ninja Turtle sewer pizza masterpiece using anchovies, gummy worms and banana peels or dawning the mask of your favorite hero in the first official brand use of Facebooks Profile Video feature, we gave kids (and let's be real, adults) the tools to make the raddest UGC in 2016! After reaching over 38 countries, being featured on Nickelodeon, and boasting a 65% click thru rate to watch the trailer we set Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows up for a smashing success.

*W3 Awards Winner (Rock the Mask) - Gold 2016
Rock the mask
Rock the mask - GLOBAL POSTER
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